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Hand-rolled incense sticks

Pure Incense is one of the only companies on earth that produces hand-rolled incense sticks made according to old traditional recipes. No factory or machine is used and the work is done in a happy village environment. Factory is another name for “Hell” and Pure Incense is doing its small bit to make a better world of village life wherein the sweet purity of Nature and human life is protected.

Enjoy the incredible fragrance of natural incense that has both religious and spiritual significance around the world. The luxury incense sticks by Pure Incense clear out the negative energy, offering you peace of mind and calmness. Your meditation sessions can be made more meaningful with the best incense sticks in the market that improve your concentration and focus.

Pure Incense is the best online incense shop where you can place your order for incenses made of different flowers or their combination. The incredible scents that we are able to create in our natural incense sticks make your surroundings more fragrant and even invoke beautiful memories of the past or help create new ones!

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Our charity partners…

A percentage of profits from Pure Incense go to: two eco farm temples in Europe, one temple in India and one cow sanctuary in England (to care for retired bulls and cows)