Magnolia Incense

Our Magnolia incense is very unique and extraordinary. It is a subtle yet distinct fragrance – definitely recommended for connoisseurs!

Magnolia incense is a fresh, evergreen fragrance. The oil is extracted from the flowers of evergreen trees to form a soothing and calming perfume. The essential oil of magnolia is used in fragrances and as a natural tonic for the hair and skin.

Magnolia is used in aromatherapy as an aid to love and to maintain a faithful relationship, fertility, prosperity, purity, clear thinking and power. Magnolia is thought to be an excellent enhancer to meditation and psychic awareness. It is also used in love mixtures and is said to bring peace and harmony. It’s planetary rulership is Venus.

The genus Magnolia comprises about 80 species from temperate and tropical parts of East Asia and America. Before the most recent ice ages Magnolias were also found in Europe.  Magnolias are well known as garden plants, but some have also been used in medicine, to spice food (sweet bay) and its wood has many uses.

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