About Our Quality Pure Incense

pure-incense.com -a world of premium-class quality incense that will impress you every time you light a stick and awaken moods, qualities and emotions according to the subtle properties of each unique fragrance. We guarantee you will be amazed at the quality of our incense. Quality-incense not made in big polluting factories but in a small village workshop hand-rolled by happy workers in a devotional spirit as incense is made for Temple worship and is a divine angelic product – scent from another world!

The 3 levels of pure incense:

1. Classic is standard potency, all natural and of superior quality.

2. Premium Absolute incense is highly specialized and only made in small batches with increased quantity of oil type and less base making stronger more potent incense.

3. Connoisseur is more refined still. A minimum of base with the most concentrated, finest ingredients added.This results in a highly potent incense that has to be tried.

about pure incense


Ingredients: Distilled Water, Pure Ultra Ground Charcoal, Clear White Bamboo,Flower Petals, Flower Essences, Amber Resins, Sandalwood (santalum album),Cedar (cedrus deodora), Vanilla Powder (vanilla planafolia), Gum Elemi (canariumluzonicum), Gum Opoponax (opoponnax chironium koch), Gum Labdanum (cistusladaniferus), Gum Copal (bursera ordorata), Mastic (pistacia lentiscus),Gum Dammar (shorea wiesneri), Gum Myrrh (commiphora myrrha), Makko Powder(machillus thunbergil), Tragacanth Gum (astragalus species), Gum Olibanum-Frankincense(boswellia spp.), Gum Arabic (acacia nilotica)

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