About Pure Incense

I have been attracted to incense from a very young age and eventually as a monk with the Krishna movement I was able to travel in India and seek out better and better incenses. I was later given charge of supplying pure incense for our London temples and other temples in Europe.

What is so special about pure incense and all things like foodstuffs, cloth, temple art, music and dance that is offered to Krishna is that the material motivation element is hopefully completely removed as no-one really wants to sincerely offer something second rate or with a view to selfish profit! Therefore you will find that this temple grade pure incense is of a remarkable quality made entirely for the pleasure of the Supreme! This is the real culture of Ancient India, pure selfless service of Krishna in the mood of loving affection.

We are very enthusiastic to supply quality traditional Vedic incense using the same ingredients that used to be in abundance in the great sub-continent of India. Champaka incense, Rose incense, Sandalwood incense and Agarwood incense have been used for thousands of years. By using natural pure incense one enjoys the real gifts of the earth.

We are one of the only incense makers that still hand roll every stick. Nobody else adds pure rare Absolute oils from reputed dealers like Ensar Oud and others into limited editions like us! Vietnam Agarwood, Cambodian Oud and Mathura Rose are just some of the unbelievable oils we have turned into sticks! No incense on earth comes close to these incenses. And even our classic incense is the purest on the market place made with attars and essential oils in our smooth base. We use Styrax resin and vanilla powder as our trademark clean burning base.

In India people worship great rivers like the Ganges and the great powers of nature like the Sun, as well as the deities in the temples, by offering burning incense sticks in large clockwise circles around the object of reverence. The culture is to appreciate creation and its infinite varieties and thus grow in gratitude and devotional love for the Supreme Artist, Lord Shri Krishna.

adi guru das

Adi-Guru Das. Vrindavan, India