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At last incense sticks that you can get excited about and rely upon for purity and real quality!

Incense Sticks Made From Organic Resin and Traditional Essential Oil welcomes you to the world of premium class organic resin and traditional essential oil based incense sticks that will always impress you every time you light a incense stick and awaken moods, qualities and emotions according to the subtle properties of each unique fragrance. This incense is purely made from organic and botanical ingredients like Agarwood resin and Sandal resin which come from trees that have been growing in India from ancient times completely organically.

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Authentic and Traditonal Incense Sticks

Sacred Trees such as the Sandalwood Tree, Champa Tree, Agarwood Tree and Bakula Tree. Rose oil and Patchouli are both widely cultivated in India, they grow very easily in the wonderful climate (85% of the year it is sunny). This incense is consistently pleasing due to its all natural ingredients. In India today you can still find people burning incense sticks at their desks in banks and offices, some keeping small altars to remind them of the devotional side of life. Easy to use, chemical free, organic and a completely natural way to purify the air in your work place or at home – plus the perfect offering for those spiritually inclined. Incense has been offered in religious ceremonies since ancient times and is an integral part of worship in most cultures.

We Offer Incense Sticks in a Wide Variety of Flavors

Welcome to our flavors -Different scents for different moods: Hari-Leela is set to become a hallmark name – a very lively incense for daytime use. Jasmine and Rose for those soothing night-time moments and Sandalwood and Agarwood for meditation in the early morning. For more exotic smells try Blue Lotus. The Cedarwood range is very potent, and the Frankincense like no other. If you are a die-hard Nag Champa person then our Golden Champa will please you but our Absolute Green Champa will amaze you as you enter a new level of Champa heaven. Nepal Musk for those in deep thought. Patchouli for that reassurance of the wonders of life and Pink Sayli are that sweet joyous fragrance and Nepal Musk for an incredible deep musky fragrance.

Absolute Quality Explained

Within each of our incense stick ranges you will find some have “Absolute” categories whereas others only appear in Absolute. Absolute incense sticks are highly specialized and only made in small batches with increased quantity of oil type making a stronger more potent incense.The Connoisseur Rose, Jasmine and Agarwood are highly potent incense that has to be tried once for a special occasion.

Costs and Wholesale Incense Sticks for Global Distribution

We are trying to offer people the best in quality incense at a very reasonable price. If you are a retailer we welcome you to e-mail us regarding your needs. We offer very good customer service as we are a small family operated business. We urge you to please e-mail us for samples. See our wholesale page or go to shopping.

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