Agarwood Oil

Information on Agarwood Oil / Aloeswood Oil

Aloeswood comes in solid or liquid form. Solids are only solid at room temperature, and if warmed slightly, it turns to mobile liquid. It is an anti-asthmatic and can be applied directly to the skin as it is non-irritating. The oil is very tenacious and only the tiniest of drops is needed to fill the air with its soul evoking aroma. It is a complex aroma with many nuances, deep and ethereal. The aroma takes about 12 hours to unfold and it will last on the skin for more than a day, and if placed on any material, the scent can last for months. It can be used as a perfume, an aroma therapy and an essential oil.

Whether you would like to try Agarwood as an amazing fragrance full of complex notes or utilize it for its mystical properties or its healing power we guarantee that our wild harvested resin from the Gulf of Tonkin off the coast of Southern China is the primo Agarwood experience.

pure agarwood oil

Varieties of Agarwood Oil

Since discovering Agarwood myself only two years ago I have since tried good quality Agarwoods from India (three types), Papua New Guinea and Borneo. I also tried some not so good Agarwood from China, Cambodia and Thailand; not so good means that there was some cut. The way to test is very simple. Add to hot water and see if it blends. If there is oil floating in the water then it is cut.

Having tried these different pure Agar oils I liked them all,especially the Borneo variety. However even that one did not match the unparalleled Tonkin Agarwood.

Experience the Depths of Agarwood Oil

I have had some mystical experiences with Agarwood and after a hot bath with three drops of Agar I found all aches and pains of the body vanish along with an incredible relaxation.

Some of my customers have also provided similar testimonials. The mystical experiences for me were opening of the subconscious, and arousing the experience of being the soul beyond the body or at leastfeeling the astral body within the gross physical body of flesh and blood. This was after prolonged use like leaving the bottle open in my bedroom and also smelling the fragrance on my clothing or jewellry throughout the day. A little smear on plastic will hold the unique fragrance for over a year.

For a deeper less tenacious and luxury pure Agarwood try our Indian Classic Oud.

The first note the nose finds is the sour, dung-like note. But then after some moments your nose will gradually discover the sweeter woodier notes of this complex amazing scent.

Prized by the Arab world as Oud, Agarwood chips are burnt in mosques.We offer grade I and II wood chips for burning on charcoals and now smaller, more affordable vials of this incredible substance that was once only available to kings and mystics of yore.

Discover it for yourself.

Aloeswood Woodchips

Aloeswood wood chips are meant to be used as incense. A sliver should be placed on charcoal and it will smoulder for sometimes hours depending on the wood chip size. A sliver is all that is needed to enjoy the wonderfully hypnotic aroma for about an hour.

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