Gorgeous Ambergris perfume oil blended into natural base, long lasting tenacious scent.


Pure Assam Agarwood oil (Hindi Oudh) ....Incredible tenacity...will last for more than one year..only a …


All our oils are pure and specialised from traditional suppliers and made according to traditional …


2.5gm bottle100% Pure Sandalwood oil. Once you try real sandalwood oil then you will understand …


Musky Oud perfume oil perfect for distracting yourself from reality and floating off. Perfume musky …


Classic Indian Patchouli pure oil. Extraordinary tenacious scent, you will be wondering what is that …


100% Absolute Tuberose oil extraction..Just a few bottles in stock.


Pure Cedarwood Essential Oil for earthing the subtle body.


Stunning Rose Attar, Rose oil blended with Sandalwood oil.


Khus oil is a beautifully green and cooling oil used in the heat of the …


Absolutely gorgeous 100% pure oil with layers of splendid notes combining beautifully.

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