Nepal Musk Incense

Nepal Musk Incense

“Instead, I will light the incense-burning vessel
Filled with musk, jasmine, and frankincense,
And the poem will grow in my heart
Like the flowers in my garden.”

– Student of Hafis (15th century A.D.) 

nepal musk

The oil for this incense is NOT made from the deer but from seeds and resin that smell like musk found in nature. Musk Deer are mentioned in various parts of ancient sanskrit literature. Wherever they reside makes that place very sacred and conducive for spiritual life. The deer are used in philosophical analogy as they search after the source of their scent not knowing it comes from their own bodies. Just like we search for happiness in this external world not knowing that we can be self-satisfied by realizing the beauty and eternal happiness of the soul within.

For those who like the musky scent you will love this Nepal Musk incense – it’s very unique.

It’s also available as part of our Resin collection.

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