Incense – Did You Know?

On the Pure Incense website you will find information on all the botanical sources of perfume oils used for incense since ancient times.

Especially of interest is Agarwood and Sandalwood which are both extremely rare but were much more widely available and treasured in ancient cultures mainly due to their use in worship.For instance the once famous ancient Malay Sandalwood Forest is now mainly used for rubber plantation due to the demand for automobiles.

Major temples in India will NOT use most common incense even when donated because of chemical ingredients.

Incense, the origin of aromatherapy, is proven to help the mind be peaceful and de-stressed. Stress has now been found to attack the immune system thus linking it to diseases like cancer.

Quality incense immediately creates a spiritual atmosphere because it surcharges the ether with positive energy (earth, fire) dispersing subtle negative influences thus it is good for meditation and inner peace.

Incense is the simplest, purest and cheapest way to make your living space fragrant.

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