Hari-Leela Incense

Hari-Leela is the new world classic incense.

This incense is unique to the Madhava family, from where pure-incense.com incense is made, and amazes most people I introduce it to.

It is strong and distinct and definitely an active daytime incense. It’s something you could burn while you are doing housework or hatha-yoga – enlivening and pleasing.

Hari-Leela incense is taken from the Bakula Tree flowers. The Bakula Trees are considered sacred and adorn many temple courtyards with their deep green leafy branches and boughs.

When flowers grow on them they look not only spectacular but also spread out a kind of divine fragrance in the surrounding air. They look uniformly and densely leafy in all directions and have a very long life.

hari leela incense flower pic


The Bakula tree

The Bakul tree is considered as of the male gender and its flowers, tiny but very fragrant, are called ‘chirapushpa’ – perpetual flowers – the sweet fragrance of which pervades the surroundings nearby.

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bakula tree hari leela