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Top ways to burn your wood chips

Wood chips or bakhoor are relatively new in the field of incense, and that has confused many people on how to burn them. However, there are many ways you can easily burn your wood chips to waft the scents through the air.
Here are the best ways to burn chips

Electric heater

There are small electric heaters available specifically for burning Vietnam Agarwood Chips. It gently heats the chips to a point where they start to smoke; this way, you can enjoy the authentic scent of your chips without worrying about the ash falling everywhere.

Incense burner

You can get a beautiful burner for smoking your wood chips so that they give a strong scent to the surrounding area. All you need to do is light the burner and put the chips on the holder.

Naked flame

Lastly, you can light the chips on direct flame and then put them in a bowl for burning. However, this way, you can end up with a lot of ash that might scatter everywhere.
Now, you have three ways to burn wood chips, choose the best you like and enjoy the aroma of your favourite wood chips.

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