Mellows of Spring discount news

The Mellows of Spring are here! Pure Incense 10% discount celebration Exclusive Subscriber Discount Code: Gaurahari All orders over £30 before postage will receive a free packet of 10gm Pink Sayli Connoisseur!!!!! Here at Pure Incense we pride ourselves on providing an important service in the world of scent and our customers cannot tell us […]

Of seasons I am flower-bearing Spring….

In Bhagavad-Gita Lord Krishna 10th Chapter Lord Krishna describes the opulences of nature that particularly represent the opulence of the Divine Person, for example of fishes I am the shark…amongst stars I am the Moon, of letters I am ‘A’….of immovable things I am the Himalayas….of weapons I am the thunderbolt……and of Seasons He is […]

Summers End. Hand rolled masterpieces not factory produced toxic.

Well I hope you had a wonderful summer, the weather in Britain was pretty warm and nice. We finished our summer with a startling new collection of three new super fresh and deep Agarwood Incenses and a brand new Masala Masterclass named Vedanta which is a curious mix of Saffron, Mint and Clove oils with […]

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