Our new curious Guggul & Gobar is made with Myrrh and Pure Desai Cow Dung! Burn it in the garden, picnic or forest to keep away gnats, midges and flies; or to purify the house before important functions and events. Cow dung is used in India as an antiseptic and purifier, more powerful than any other and symbol of Mother Earth Herself!

Otherwise for a heady atmospheric scent try burning Triple Saffron in the garden on a hot summers day and allow yourself to relax deeply!

Pure Incense will be in Paris on 7th July afternoon at Chatelet Les Halles and at Omfest in the City of London on 14th July. Hope to see you somewhere.

And if you need a day to fulfil curiosity why not visit the famous Bhaktivedanta Manor that Beatle George Harrison donated in 1971 to the Hare Krishna movement, complete with veggie food, ox cart rides, temple shrine and George Harrison garden. 6th July Open Day see below, just outside London in the lush countryside.

Pure Incense at Wellbeing Olympia 2019
Strawberry Fair 2019 Cambridge
Krishna Valley Eco Farm Hungary

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Pure Incense