Well I hope you had a wonderful summer, the weather in Britain was pretty warm and nice. We finished our summer with a startling new collection of three new super fresh and deep Agarwood Incenses and a brand new Masala Masterclass named Vedanta which is a curious mix of Saffron, Mint and Clove oils with a base of pure ahimsa cow ghee made from protected cows. This masala will satisfy those old school types who crave a smoky ‘wet’ and thick incense that bellows potent beautiful Indian scents and takes them back in time!

Hare Krishna devotees parade through London streets

We also had the unusually good fortune of acquiring a new Oud perfume oil at a wonderfully affordable price and some off the scale Thai Green Agarwood which is ridiculously expensive, some one gram Thai samples for a song and some beautifully bottled Bulgarian Rose oil. Add to that our existing stock of Musk oils, Ambergris and some under the table Oud oils and you have a collectors dream. All available by private enquiry info@pure-incense.com

As summer ends we have already planned a trip to Mother India to secure and oversee some new incense giants for your pleasure, including a new Jasmine and a Saffron & Cardamom. Guggul & Gobar and Mysore Sandal are the stand out sellers from our last arrivals as well as Shiromani Chandan. One sales rep came to my house from india proudly showing me his nasty polluting factory building churning out 30 million sticks a day. The very source of all our modern day issues is the commercialisation of products so I politely ushered him away.

250gm Rolls

So I wish you all the very best please don’t hesitate to drop me an email for any enquiries or if you need a spiritual break I offer a tour of the world famous Krishna Temple, the Manor House that George Harrison donated near Watford with a vegetarian lunch and much more.

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