Palo Santo and White Sage 20gm Box

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Two of the earth’s most purifying herbs and woods together on one unique absolutely stunning blend…. introduced by Adi-Guru in 2018. Bois De Gaiac is the name of Palo Santo oil in the world of perfumery and with White Sage it takes on a new dimension lining up in balance with the two scents running side by side in astonishing wonder  notes of camphor, wood and green; will clear space from all negativity and surcharge it with vibrancy. Beautiful packet, 16-18 sticks burning time 55mins. **Please note made with very natural Palo Santo powders may appear to be damp or moldy especially with white Sage but actually these herbs and woods have these qualities and when burning the herbal woody camphor minty scent will burn as Nature intended purifying the ether and changing your consciousness.

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