Oud Aquilaria 50gm

Oud Aquilaria beautiful pure Agarwood incense in 50gm.

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Weight 75 g
Dimensions 21 × 2 × 2 cm

1 review for Oud Aquilaria 50gm

  1. Tara Cain (verified owner)

    Amazing. Wow. Once again, Adi hits a homerun with the Oud. This is sweet, soft, woody, and almost, dare I say, fruity? A hint of something like sweet, fresh fruit surrounded by soft and woody Oud. Definitely not a harsh citrus note, more like fresh peaches perhaps, with the gorgeous Oud oil coming out on top. I thought Safi was my favorite of the newer Oud blends, but this one is something special. I was thinking of just getting a smaller pack, but I’ve been disappointed with how fast I run out when I only get a 20gm pack so decided to get a larger pack, even though I have never tried this before. Definitely VERY glad I got a larger order! I’m pretty sure Adi even sent more than 50gms, too.

    You are the best, Adi. I will never shop elsewhere for Indian incense. Received from England to the Midwest USA ONE DAY after shipping via FedEx. A new record from already insanely fast international shipping! Thank you so much, Adi.

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I really can't express how beautiful this incense is! I never use anything else as it just does not compare.

~ Lucy Shivani

This is, quite simply, the best incense that I have ever used. Nothing else comes close. The aromas are sublime.

~ Nicola Reid

If you want to be mesmerized & transported to another place, then please invest in these and see for yourself.

~ Sharman Walker

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