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The healing properties of incenses

Incense is popular amongst people for triggering specific responses. They can inspire good sleep, relaxation, concentration, and positivity in a person. At Pure Incense, we know how important it is to have the perfect scent (according to your liking) for your place. But before deciding on the scent, you should know about their properties.

Champa Attar or Golden Champa Attar Oil

This scent contains diuretic, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties which help in various health issues.
Apart from this, it is also used in skin treatments; for curing acne, ageing signs, stretch marks, and wrinkles and induces a glow to the skin.

Oud Attar,

The best Oud attar is one of the best fragrances in the world. It has psychoactive properties that can instil inner peace, helps in balancing emotions, increases awareness, improves consciousness, and increase your inner positive energy.
Vietnam Agarwood Oil
This scent is not very popular but has amazing benefits. If used, it can help you strengthen your concentration, promotes balance and inner peace, supports digestion, and soothe your mind against stress and anxiety.

Mysore Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood incense is one of the most popular incense choices. Many people love how soothing it smells, but only a few know that it eases nervous stress, cures insomnia and headaches, and treats bronchitis and respiratory infections. Sandalwood is the epitome of healing the human body.

£24.95 ex.vat

Sandalwood wood can be used for burning on charcoal by cutting pieces off. It can …

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Pure Vietnam Agarwood oil at an affordable price. 100% raw oud oil. After a week …

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Pure Assam Agarwood oil (Hindi Oudh) ....Incredible tenacity...will last for more than one year..only a …

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All our oils are pure and specialised from traditional suppliers and made according to traditional …

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Pure Golden Champa flower oil blended with 100%Sandalwood oil. Delightful, awakening and super excellent pure …

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All our oils are pure and specialised from traditional suppliers and made according to traditional …

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Our rarely obtained Sandalwood oil 100% pure guaranteed, new season, new batch in 5gm larger …

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Musky Oud perfume oil perfect for distracting yourself from reality and floating off. Perfume musky …

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100% Absolute Tuberose oil extraction..Just a few bottles in stock.

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Stunning Rose Attar, Rose oil blended with Sandalwood oil.

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Khus oil is a beautifully green and cooling oil used in the heat of the …

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Molsari Attar is a flower extract from the Bakula tree and distilled into Sandalwood oil. …

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