In Bhagavad-Gita Lord Krishna 10th Chapter Lord Krishna describes the opulences of nature that particularly represent the opulence of the Divine Person, for example of fishes I am the shark…amongst stars I am the Moon, of letters I am ‘A’….of immovable things I am the Himalayas….of weapons I am the thunderbolt……and of Seasons He is flower-bearing Spring!

Of all the countries in the world England perhaps more than anywhere due to its unique climate, has a wonderful Spring season and it is at this time April to June that I personally love being in England and especially in lockdown when the peace is quite amazing and the air more pure than its being in my whole lifetime!

Elsewhere in Bhagavad Gita Krishna says that He is the pure scent of the earth and the taste of water. The idea is that in a substance in its purest unfettered form, there you will find God! Or an aspect of His majesty and purity. Thus in the world of scent, in which I have worked for the last 20 years plus, I have had the pleasure of providing incense and oils to many clients and in turn learned about the important of scent in their religious traditions.

Once I met a Nigerian man who bought a one litre bottle of Sandalwood oil which in his Christian tradition they give to the priest who in the inner sanctum where he alone worships, he must adorn himself with pure oil and smell divine. Usually Sandalwood, Myrrh or Frankincense.

Of course many of my customers are from the Islamic world and scent is extremely important to their culture, especially Agarwood and Frankincense. I have learnt from one Sufi friend that where the blood of the prophet fell in battles, that is where the most fragrant Frankincense plants manifest. And just today a Sikh customer called me on the phone and said in their culture, when a genuine Guru appears before the disciple he emits the scent of the purest Rose.

All these scents of Sandalwood, Aguru (oud or agarwood), Frankincense, Rose and more are very important for our conciousness to help it connect with divine thinking and get relief from the tedious life of thinking always of material things. In the Vedic culture the worship of Vishnu or Krishna in the temples is considered incomplete without incense and flowers. In fact it is known that Krishna prefers flowers than the most precious jewellery and gold. It is in the spirit of adoration of the Supreme Personality of Godhead that we make our incense sticks from the finest oils and in some cases Absolute flower distillations and hydro distillations. Using cheap synthetic nasty oils simply will not give the Pure Incense experience that we want. Each stick is hand rolled and the base is made with the purest Sandalwood, Vanilla, Charcoal and Agarwood powders, making the world famous smooth and clean burning incense stick.

Lockdown ending means fresh stock will arrive. We look forward to that and look forward to sharing more of our creations with you. Meanwhile keep safe and email me for any of your needs. Thank you, Hare Krsna

Adi-Guru das

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