Pure Incense is ready to serve you with the earth’s finest scents. The Perfume-makers of Vedic India would distil oils from various flowers, especially Rose, Jasmine, and Hina, as well as wood like Sandal & Agarwood and other substances like Musk, Saffron, Khus & Patchouli. The oils are either Absolutes or distilled in Sandalwood oil, the latter are known as Attars.

We source these oils from old traders in the traditional markets of Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Kanpur, Rajasthan and make small quantities of incense sticks, made in 2 – 3 kg a time, hand rolled, and dried in the sun. The base ingredients are the highest sandalwood powder, vanilla powder and charcoal powder making a smooth and clean burning artisanal experience.

We have been trading since 1999 and on-line since 2006 and would like to welcome old and new customers to our recently upgraded website. If you want gorgeously appointed packaged incense then you could try our 20gm Absolutes with Patchouli and Tuberose now bringing that collection of 20gm Absolute packets to 10. Also our stunning Oud Noir is  presented in its dedicated packet. Other Vintage Connoisseur 20gm have the same dedicated packet with a label to distinguish.

If variety is your desire than our Yogi & Rani 5-in-1 Collection boxes are simply unmatched in their offerings in all the incense world. 2 x 5 different world class incenses in 2 beautifully presented boxes.

If you want quantity then see the 50gm Absolute Rolls with 40-50 sticks depending on the type. Our newest member is Opium Absolute made after the famous Yves Saint Laurent perfume and very exotically gorgeous. We have several varities of Agarwood made from oils collected from Laos, Vietnam, India and Cambodia, offering a variety of nuance notes in the famous Oud scent.

if all that is not enough then you need to try our world famous Blue Lotus Extreme made with the ridiculously expensive Blue lotus oil that we dilute into an essential oil to keep the price reasonable. Early in 2018 we look forward to presenting Pink lotus incense for the first time.

And brand new coming any day is our triple Kadamba incense sticks. Made with the finest Kadamba Attar, the scent is extraordinarily divine with a dry bitter note undertoned by exotic jungle fruits. The Kadamba flowers are round golden balls spiked with vertical petals all around.

Happy Summer 2018 yours ever Adi-Guru das

4 thoughts on “Pure Incense welcomes you to its world of scent

  1. beurtheret cedric says:

    There is incense …and there is pure incense !
    It’s an happiness for those who love incense, and who love spirituality.
    And a very great seller , with an awakened consciousness.

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