I have been asked many times that if I could only have one incense…say there was a world-wide pandemic and I got stuck somewhere with only one fragrance of incense with me….then which incense would that be?

Actually some years ago I may have chose one of my Agarwoods like Oud Safi or Oud Noir; but today ask me that question and the answer is easy:

Bulgarian Rose! No question. Its scent is very complex and not just a single floral rose scent. Rather it has so many tones going on around a rich rose middle. Dare I say a bubblegum, a hint of spice and rich tones of complex bouquet of roses. It is a scent that constantly surprises you as you find nuances in each burn that you did not notice before.

In other news the Vintage Saffron & Musk, being an unbelievable aroma of wonder has amazed some of our oldest clients and is nearly all gone. Very thick sticks and very strong, not for everyone.

We hope you are finding positives in the lockdown, many are, like hearing more birdsong, breathing clearer air and the quietness of it all, its a different world, a seemingly peaceful world beyond the headlines. The sky is still blue, its beautiful and I love you!

My only worry is when can I return to Mother India with the latest oils I have sourced…Gardenia, Vietnamese Agarwood, Pine Tree and a new Assamese Oud oil; and get some new incense sticks hand-rolled fresh. SO plenty to look forward to this year from Pure Incense.

I am reading Srimad Bhagavatam 2nd Canto, and am a bit where the Universal Form is being described. The birds are his artistic touch, day and night are his blinking, the moon and sun are his eyes, the rivers are his veins, the mountains his ankles, the tree his bodily hairs and so forth. Its an imaginary from to help the meditation from impersonal to personal. All energies designed by intelligence are belonging to a person. A non-person never did anything at all ever. Spirit is personal, matter becomes formless when the spirit leaves. These are some of the ideas of the Bhagavatam in the second canto.

Bye for now from Adi in lockdown Spring 2020.

6 thoughts on “If I could have only one……

  1. Ali says:

    Hello Adi

    Unless I am mistaken the Vrindavan Pure Incense isn’t available? Is that correct? If so, what is a similar alternative as that is surely my favourite to date. Thank you.

    • Adi Guru says:

      Dear Christopher actually this incense is one of many that cannot happen until I personally take the oil to the workshop and oversee the making. As India is not accessible for me presently and I do not know when i can get a visa that is permitted.
      so it could be a while but when it happens there will be a lot of new exciting incenses available.

  2. Scott Wolfe says:

    Dear Adi Guru
    I m new to your site and have placed my first urde today.

    do you have or could you make me a 108$ sample pack of your fragrance? or any suggestions along this line?
    with humble pranams, Scott

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