Can you really believe 2019 has come to an end? It was a year of difficulty for myself medically and medical problems for family members. But the eternal self remains complete, whole, untouched, untainted, fully the same observer and witness. Only the body changes imperceptibly at every moment just as a the fire in a candle is constantly destroying its fuel and the water of a river is being replaced at every second.

The Pure Incense world has reached new milestones with amazing firsts in the Vedanta Masala and Guggul and Gobar astounding with their damp masala vibe like Sai Flora fame but much much more natural and fresh.

And finally have we really reached the perfection of a Jasmine Grandiflora? Its quite amazing how popular Connoisseur Jasmine was in 2019 especially in the 50gm offering and moreso since we stopped Absolute Jasmine being unsatisfied with its heavy stodgy side. Jasmine must be balanced and delicate, yet how to make it stronger? Jasmine Sambac is really bright and potent without being sickly at all and the Grandiflora is just a masterclass!

The spiritual capital of the world – Sridham Mayapur

Mayapur is our spiritual home and we invite everyone to visit it at least once in their life. There you will find a mind-blowing temple, the cuisine of the world, the river Ganges meeting the river Sarasvati and an atmosphere of cosmic spirituality like nowhere else on the planet. And it is abundant with flowers, fauna and birds I have never seen anywhere.

Red Champa the inexplicable scent of India

In 2020 we will launch 3 new 20gm Absolutes (Gurudeva Redux, Saffron & Musk & Amber Musk) which have become hugely popular for our wholesale customers and a brand new 10gm Red Champa to join the 10gm Opium and Pushkar superstars. We hope you try more fragrances in 2020 and have your consciousness stolen away in a moment of bliss as a thousand previous lifetimes glide into your memory for 100th of a second through the power of scent…punyo gandham pritivyam ca……Bhagavad Gita…”I am the scent of the earth”….and in scent lies all your subconscious memories.

Narasimhadeva half-man half-lion incarnation of Krsna

Happy New Year to all of you, yours ever Adi-Guru dasa

4 thoughts on “December ends the year

  1. Nicholas Monnas says:

    Dear Adi Guru, Was sorry to read you and you family have not been that well. Hopefully you are feeling better than in December and I wish you all Health and Invincibility in these strange and unfortunate times for the world. Thank you as always for your sublime Bathi & faultless service, Nick

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