“We arrived at your website by accident – all of the incense we have tried from you is amazing quality. The Vrindaban Champa is one of the best smelling incenses that we have tried. Kind regards.”

“The best incense I’ve ever had – you have a customer for life!! Thanks again.”


“All of them are wonderful, but I must single out the Blue Lotus as spectacular! A very, very lovely scent that permeates the whole house… I usually cannot abide incense burning in an air-con room, but the Agarwood was so smooth and beautiful I was able to light it in an air-con room with no problems at all. Your incense has spoilt me! Warmest regards…”


“Just to let you know i received your incense today and I am over the moon with it. They smell amazing and they raise my spirits. Thank you for this excellent service. With love and light…”


“The best incense I’ve ever had – you have a customer for life!! Thanks again.”


“Just a quick note to say that the Vrindavan Champa is absolutely spectacular, even by the high standards of pure-incense.com! Hari-Bol…”


“Thank you for such a superb product, by far the best incense I’ve come across . Keep up the good work.”


“It’s fabulous. You should have a comments page on your webby, for your customers to confirm exactly how great your incense is.” – 🙂 
”I wanted to compliment on the black Sandalwood … a wonderful treat…”


“I have just tried the sample of Vrindavan Champa and I must say that one is very special indeed.”


“Thank you very much for the fast way to send us the parcel. We like the incense very much. My best regards…”


“We are delighting in the aromas that provoke a long forgotten peace and quiet. We have been burning incense for some 40 years and it has been many, many years since we have been blessed with such inner joy. 
”Cedarwood and Lavender – this I will definitely purchase again. It lingered in my kitchen still the next day. Agarwood – hubby says “Wow, I’m speechless”, another sure purchase. Cedarwood and Sandalwood – Ohhhhh, so tempting! Patchouli and Rose, heavy but very relaxing had a good nite’s sleep. Frankincense, that is when he said “Heavenly”. “I now have a shortcut to your web site on my desktop with the name “Heavenly”… joy and peace to you and all those you love…”


“I am very happy with the quality of this incense.  These are wonderful especially the Blue Lotus. Thanks…”